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CMP Civil Engineering & Land Surveying Inc. is a professional, family-owned civil engineering and land surveying firm based in Napa County, CA. Although the majority of our projects are located in Napa County, CMP has provided services in many parts of the Bay Area. As a family-owned company with a foundation in one of Napa’s oldest and largest families, CMP understands the value of creating personal working relationships with our clients in order to provide services specifically tailored to their needs. The primary goal of CMP is to provide high-quality civil engineering and land surveying services at competitive costs within reasonable timelines. We will always do our best to exceed your expectations. 

As a company, our motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard, Live Full”. To us, these aren’t just words, but standards by which we try to live by and work by as a company in order to attain the appropriate work/life balance. We “work hard” for our clients to provide superior work. Outside of work, we “play hard” and our team can be found outside mountain biking, surfing, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, fishing, dirt biking, or traveling the world. We aim to “live full” by continuously gaining a vast amount of new experiences in both our personal and professional lives. We aim to use the knowledge gained through these experiences to improve the lives of our family, friends, clients and community.  


 Here at CMP Civil Engineering & Land Surveying Inc., we offer a wide range of civil engineering and land surveying services in an effort to meet the needs of our costumers. While the majority of our projects are “mild ones” such as land development design, wastewater designs, and topographical and boundary surveys, we get the occasional “wild one”. Some past “wild one” projects have included SCUBA assisted underwater surveying and the design and calculation of mountain bike jumps and their trajectories. So if you have a “mild one” or a “wild one”, we would be happy to help with it.   


1607 Capell Valley Road, Napa, California 94558, United States

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